tangram VISION platform

uptime and access

Deployment is never easy, especially for vision-enabled devices. Use Tangram to manage and optimize in-field performance.

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why tangram?

Sensor Reliability, Solved

Self-Maintaining Sensor Calibration

Ongoing calibration shouldn't be a burden on your engineering team, and it definitely shouldn't be a burden for your customers. Tangram's self-maintaining calibration service takes over for both, ensuring maximum uptime with minimal involvement. It integrates rapidly into your existing code base, and manages calibration for full fleets of vision-enabled devices at scale.

In-Field Diagnostics & Monitoring

Access instant updates on sensor health and operation via Tangram's web-based diagnostics and monitoring systems. Configurable reports include high-level abstractions of key sensor outputs, including visual data, metadata, diagnostic messages and sensor logs. Reports can be filtered from fleetwide to selected groups of robots to a single device as necessary.

Simplified Future Prototyping

Eliminate the fear of changing sensors. The Tangram Integration SDK simplifies prototyping and development of future generations of your vision-enabled platform.

The easiest way to integrate and maintain perception sensors.