tangram Perception Sensors for robotic DEPLOYMENT

uptime and access

Deployment is never easy, especially for a new robotics platform. Use Tangram to keep up-to-date on your robot fleet's trials in the field.

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why tangram?

Sensor Reliability, Solved

Self-Maintaining Sensor Calibration

Ongoing calibration shouldn't be a burden on your engineering team, and it definitely shouldn't be a burden for your customers. Tangram's self-maintaining calibration service takes over for both, ensuring maximum uptime with minimal involvement. It integrates rapidly into your existing code base, and manages calibration for full fleets of robots at scale.

In-Field Diagnostics & Monitoring

Access instant updates on sensor health and operation via Tangram's web-based diagnostics and monitoring systems. Configurable reports include high-level abstractions of key sensor outputs, including visual data, metadata, diagnostic messages and sensor logs. Reports can be filtered from fleetwide to selected groups of robots to a single robot as necessary.

Simplified Future Prototyping

Eliminate the fear of changing sensors. The Tangram Integration SDK simplifies prototyping and development of future generations of your robotic platform. Tangram's available dev kits can derisk hardware selection for future models with field-proven configurations of industry-standard sensors.

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