tangram Perception Sensors for robotic Development

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As your robotics platform develops, time becomes your most precious commodity. Tangram's sensor services guarantee that engineering hours are never wasted.

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why tangram?

Sensor Engineering, Solved

Rapid Perception Sensor Integration

We have decades of experience in robotics — so we know how challenging it is to integrate sensors. Our APIs work across all of our sensors to create a rapid, seamless integration experience. Plus, full documentation of the Tangram Integration SDK eliminates time-consuming searches for missing information. For a sample from our SDK, get in touch.

Comprehensive Sensor Data Access

The Tangram Integration SDK includes data structures that are unified across all available dev kit configurations. This includes high-level abstractions of key sensor outputs, including visual data, metadata, diagnostic messages and sensor logs. The SDK also allows full firehose access to all datastreams.

Deployment-Ready Calibration

Deployment-ready calibration suites are one of the most difficult engineering tasks for robotic platforms. Tangram eliminates that task with a calibration service that integrates easily during development, yet is robust enough to manage your fleet during deployment. Tangram Calibration is self-maintaining, eliminating the need to train customers on recalibration.

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