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We understand how difficult calibration can be, which is why we're busy creating holistic calibration systems for our dev kits. In the meantime, here are some open-source solutions to get you on your way. Many thanks to the academic labs who put these calibration programs together:

Licenses and Citations:
This page cites software developed by the Autonomous Systems Lab and Skybotix AG.
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More case studies, plus white papers and tutorials.

Frequently asked questions

What is Tangram Vision?

We're a team of computer vision and sensor experts with decades of experience. We've designed, launched and supported multiple products, including class-leading sensors and applications for both consumers and businesses.

Can you help me with physical hardware integration?

While that is not our area of expertise, we can lean on our broad network of professionals to assist with electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial design (including DFM) and prototyping.

What is the Tangram Vision Platform (TVP)?

TVP is Tangram Vision's perception sensor SDK. It includes sophisticated yet simple tools to ease the burden of sensor testing, sensor integration and ongoing sensor maintenance. TVP includes our flagship auto-calibration tool for automatically optimizing multi-sensor rigs.

What is Tangram Vision's goal?

Companies that build vision-enabled products have a tremendous amount to tackle. Building the infrastructure to integrate and manage sensors is often a time-consuming and tricky task that is not on the core product roadmap, and can lead to ongoing maintenance challenges and poor performance. Our goal is to eliminate these infrastructure needs so that you can focus on what matters most - your core product roadmap.

Can you help me with software integration?

Yes! That is one of our key specialties. Use TVP to hit the ground running. Redeploy your internal engineering resources to other critical engineering items.

What languages and platforms do you use?

We're fluent in established languages like C, C++, Obj-C, and Python. We're also big fans of Rust.

The easiest way to add and manage perception sensors.