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Tangram helps robotics companies integrate sensors quickly
and maximize uptime.

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Quick Integration for Robotic Perception Sensors

robot perception sensor solutions from design through deployment


Robot Sensor Integration & Calibration, Simplified

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Tailored Dev Kit Configurations

Ready-to-integrate perception sensor suites for many robotic applications: mobile robots, fixed arm, aerial drones.

Trusted Hardware from industry leaders

Best-in-class sensors enhanced for easier integration, monitoring and maintenance.

Well-Documented APIs In C++ & Rust

No searching through forums, Github and decades-old blogs. Everything you need to know, in one place.

Rapid Perception Sensor Integration

Integrate full-stack perception in days, not months. Redeploy engineering resources to other critical path items.

Comprehensive Sensor Data Access

Go from high-level abstractions to the complete firehose of sensor data from your robots.

Deployment-Ready Calibration

One rapid install package that manages calibration for any Tangram sensor suite.

Self-Healing Sensor Calibration

Maximize uptime, and minimize ongoing engineering time required to maintain robot fleets.

In-field Diagnostics & Monitoring

Instant access to sensor status and error logs. Up-to-date metrics on performance.

Simplified Future Prototyping

Upgrade sensor suites rapidly and shorten development time for new robot generations.

Spend your engineering time wisely. Bring in Tangram for the job.