Tangram vision

infrastructure software for
vision-enabled products

The easiest way to add sensors, create vision applications, and maximize deployment uptime

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past work

more vision, less revision

APIs from development through deployment


We build vision infrastructure so you don’t have to

Effortlessly Integrate Perception Sensors

Eliminate the struggle of working with clunky firmware and deficient integration SDKs.

Rapid New capabilities Development

Use pristine data from the Tangram platform on applications of your own design.

Well-Documented APIs In C++ & Rust

No searching through forums, Github and decades-old blogs. Everything you need to know, in one place.

Third Party Computer Vision Integrations

Integrate world-class functionality like SLAM, machine learning, navigation, and more.

App Studio for Development

Create your own unique functionality using reliable sensor data from our sensor integration APIs.

Deployment-Ready Calibration

One rapid install package that manages calibration for any Tangram sensor suite.

Self-Healing Sensor Calibration

Maximize uptime and minimize engineering time required to maintain vision-enabled fleets.

In-field Diagnostics & Monitoring

Instant access to sensor status and error logs. Up-to-date metrics on performance.

Simplified Future Prototyping

Upgrade sensor suites rapidly and shorten development time for new product generations.

The easiest way to integrate and maintain perception sensors.