tangram Perception Sensors for robotic Design

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Tailored dev kit configurations with trusted hardware and a well-documented API get your robot up and running in no time.

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why tangram?

Sensor Integration, Solved

Well-Documented Integration APIs In C++ & Rust

We have decades of experience in robotics — so we know how challenging it is to integrate sensors. Our APIs work across all of our sensors to create a rapid, seamless integration experience. Plus, full documentation of the Tangram Integration SDK eliminates time-consuming searches for missing information. For a sample from our SDK, get in touch.

Trusted Hardware From Industry Leaders

We use battle-hardened components from industry leading sensor manufacturers for our perception suites. We gaurantee component availability, and all of our sensor suites include  original manufacturer's warranties for additional support. Tangram runs its own extensive testing regimen to ensure chosen sensors meet best-in-class performance and uptime standards.

Tailored Dev Kit Configurations

We've optimized configurations for three key categories of robots: service robots (speeds up to 10mph), fixed arm robots and aerial drones. Tangram Dev Kits can include LiDAR, 3D sensors, CMOS sensors, IMUs and encoders. Each dev kit works hand in hand with the Tangram Integration SDK to move you from design to development as quickly as possible.

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